Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Number 8 Zen and the Art of Lost and Found

Zen and the Art of Lost and Found
If we choose to content ourselves with an intellectual appreciation and understanding, often referred to mistakenly as ‘wisdom’, we will remain lost in the sphere of delusion and self-deception.
It is fascinating to be able to look back at something … especially with my now well-trained analytical eye …
I can always see what I did or did not do … what was right or wrong … that was always easy … 
When I am lazy as Hell, which is often, … I can be content with seeing what I did or did not do … watch and do nothing.
What eludes me is the comprehension of the metaphysical drive forces that act as the engine of my passions at times … that pushes me on to do things … to create thoughts … safe imaginings … pretense … and grand illusions about who and what it is that I think I am … or should be … or could be …
Discovery Made:
These grand illusions are what keep me prisoner in and of my own mind. 
These grand illusions are the concoctions of my diversions … they allow me not to see … not to feel … not to be … while all at the same time appearing to be filling all those supposed functions … and doing nothing other then wasting the only true life currency I have.


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