Friday, August 8, 2014

Freedom and Happiness

Freedom and Happiness

Working Miss-Definition:
What most people call freedom is simply their willful ability to satisfy their desires. The call of I want more freedom, is the hue and cry of the false self’s need to fill an emptiness it senses within itself and has no idea how to fill. 
What I have come to understand about the statement: I want more freedom is; I want to be able to have more of what I want, when I want it, and in the fashion that I believe I want to have it in.
From both my practice and my own practices I have to argue that the process of wanting what you want as often as you want … More … is not freedom, it is in fact a kind of compulsion that keeps one hooked into the delusion that more is better, or more is best, or more defines wellness; when in fact, more is truly the defining quality of our discomfort in the first place. The vary thing that more was supposed to remove is defined by the need for more.
Circuitous and puzzling all at the same time because the very thing that we are taught is the answer to the conundrum is in fact what is driving the conundrum to continue endlessly.
A Working Definition Of Freedom can be summed up as:
Being able to have or not have what you want, without being lost in the drama of what appears to be happening in the unfolding process of having or not having. 
Thus not having to react to life and life’s situations and defending yourself from the experience you are trying to have. 
Freedom seems to occur when:
·           When one does not have to close down their heart or their mind or close off their life to the world around them just to survive the process of being here in the first place. 
·           It is the ability not to have to act compulsively on the thoughts in your mind.
·           Rather it is a case of allowing the thoughts to pass through the mind, as they should, without you attempting to define yourself in the drama of the thought … the one you just imaginedDrama Queen 101.
·           Thus, it is for the deeper self to attune itself into the process of unfolding within the mind and at the same time not get lost in the process of the unfolding of your thoughts. 

Fiddler On The Roof’s Recipe for Life:
Play the Tune “with passion”,
“Always Walk on the Edge”,
“Don’t fall off the roof.” 
Now, to live life to the fullest … repeat often.
Here is the secret to this whole process, the content of your mind and the content of my mind may be different, hopefully that is true, but the process by which we sort through things … I call this unfolding … is precisely the same. 
It is the tuning into this unfolding process … The Way Of Things … and not getting lost … that is the trick. 
There are three places to observe life from:
First, there is substance. (The Drama of Life)
Second, there is form, that which seems to hold the content. (How it is that I frame the Drama of Life)
Third, the point of view or how I choose to want to see things. (My position relative to how it is that I see both the drama and the frame work of my life)

To solve life’s conundrum you have to be able to choose the right place to apply the pressure of change.  Where is it that it will be most effective … considering that it may have to be spread out over eternity and not just the next few minutes? 

Now that is something to think about.

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