Thursday, August 14, 2014

Robin Williams RIP ... from a client

Journal Aug 12 2014,
Such sad news about Robin Williams! We have lost an amazing comedy genius, actor and person!
I only hope the media doesn’t go on about that it may have been a suicide, but will bring to light how many people whether rich and famous to the poor and unknown  suffer from various forms of depression and mental illness so many people suffer in silent and seem to be treated or looked at differently by society!
We can talk about the various other diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke and all the other big diseases out there where they pour millions of dollars into research to pay the big pharmaceutical companies, but when it comes to depression and other mental illnesses society looks at you like you’re all fucked up in the head! So a vast majority of people don’t get the proper help they need and suffer in silent and use other methods to cope with life, like drugs and/or alcohol or any other addiction one may develop!
When I hear this kind of sad news it touches my heart! I know now with my own personal life struggles when I tried to talk about my problems growing up and how I can reflect as I like to call it through my help with Neil, group and AA, for whom I don’t know where I would be.
Mr. Williams made so many of us laugh or sometimes cry and only to be struggling with his own troubles or demons of depression, I guess he had many masks to hide behind, like so many of us have.
Rest in peace, there will be a great void without you in the human world but I’m sure you’ll make the spirit world laugh.
I know you sure as hell made me laugh a lot through some of my rough times and still will.
God bless and thank you.

A devoted fan,

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