Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Into Many Tomorrows

So as I begin to move into the many tomorrows of the rest of my life, I notice that I have come out of a dream-like state, one that I had been in for most of my life.  Odd, being out here in the real world; I notice that I look forward to the day ahead of me.  Imagine that, looking forward to what is next. 
Strange thoughts for a person like me.
So I tidy myself up just a little and turn my focus inward to my Higher Power; I sort of combine prayer, conversation and meditation. 
I just take the time to notice and acknowledge that my God is now a part of my life and that I am part of Its Expression of the universe.  So as I acknowledge my place in God’s creation, I take the time to ask any questions about my life that I feel I need guidance on.  I toss these thoughts out into the ring and just leave them for God to deal with in Its own good time.  It is sort of like a spiritual morning shower, it refreshing.
I close my eyes and turn my thoughts to My Creator.
Acknowledging the sacredness of all things and of all people, I ask simple things like:
·       What would you have me do today?
·   Or, how can I be one of your instruments today?

·   Place before me what you would have me do and with your strength, hope and wisdom I will give it a whirl.  

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