Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Metaphor ... My Journey Continues

My Journey continues: I go into a curio shop and browse.  In there is an old guy that looks like he has many years of practice at besting his customers.  I’m ready for my old foe. 
My browsing pays off.  There hidden at the back of the shop is an old Group Of Seven painting being sold for the value of the frame only, $25 bucks.  It is worth thousands. 
Imagine my good fortune. How lucky can I be all in one day! I thank God for his special gift. 
I purchase it and make a beeline for the door and run.  I’m so proud of me for being so shrewd and wise and besting the old boy at his game.  Then I sense this thing beside me again. Neither male nor female, just a Presence.
I sense It there, very profound in Its silence, and I begin to recognize the truth of what I have just done.  I feel ashamed. It is healthy shame.
So back to the “curio” shop I go.  I fess up.  I tell the old fellow what a find I made hidden at the back of his shop.  I return the painting to him. I see his eyes light up with gratitude and tears.  He says to me that he has had to work all these years, long past a time when most would retire, because his grandson needed an education.  He was the only one who could possibly provide that education.  Now he can both retire and give his grandchild the education he has always wanted. 
For the first time in my life I am proud of my actions; actually proud of what I have done for this old man and for myself.  We shake hands in true friendship.

Experience Has Taught Me
That when I trust my guidance,
It will tell me what to do.
Imagine that
Guidance That Actually Works!

Have you ever won but lost yourself in the process?
Have you ever had the fortune to turn a situation around where it appeared that you had seemingly lost but really won in the long run?

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