Friday, December 6, 2013

I’m well along on my path now.
I’ve really traveled quite a piece. 
I'm now doing whatever needs to be done in the fashion it seems to need doing. 
It is my belief now, that as I follow my spiritual practices that all this being done stuff is being done in conjunction with my Higher Power’s will for me. 
I have come to learn that I have always been in the perfectly right place for me to be, even in the face of what sometimes appears to be overwhelming evidence to the contrary, at least in my mind anyway. 
It warms my heart to have real friends, people who actually enjoy me as much I enjoy them. 
My world is now a wonderful place.  The grass is still green as it always was and the sun still rises in the east as it always has, but I see things so differently now.
Imagine that, knowing I am in exactly the right place at exactly the right time doing exactly the right thing. Now that is confidence isn’t it? 

As I come upon a mystical stream, I notice someone struggling with a metaphorical backpack.  I wonder what is next in line for me today. I sit down beside him and ask:

Are you looking for someone?

How Can I Help?”

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