Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spiritual Experience (hind sight)

On Seeing Clearly ... Perhaps for the First Time

EXPERIENCE has taught us that[1] the process of no longer using any mind-changing, mood-altering devices (chemicals, or otherwise) can induce a twisted form of thinking for the first while.  This twisted form of thinking sets into motion a false belief that the worst is over (this is called the pink cloud effect) and that all our problems are fixed. 
Spiritual Experience (hind sight) has taught me that:
It is in my Ego … where I am obsessive, compulsive and addictive. 
It is in my Ego where I think I know. 
It is in my Ego where I have come to believe that I am alone and my world is a dangerous place[2].
It is in my Ego where my cravings have life, and …
It is in my Ego where I think I am healed when I have not yet really begun my journey.
For Your Journal … Finish this story
I fell from the sky … It was an accident … the horses and the men were raiding the village … they took most of the children and some of the women … I was scooped up in the confusion … but I was not one of them … I fell from the sky …

[1] From Experience Has Taught Us ---175 Number 68
[2] Taken from Step One in The Metaphor.

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