Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rocks Are Hard and Water is Wet

That voice in your head, that committee of disturbing thoughts; that judge of all that you do and think, often times makes you feel ashamed of your feelings.
In fact as you read this and if you take the time to notice you will feel it. Right Now! It is always there ready to pounce at any opportunity.
To heal properly what you have to come to understand is there is nothing the matter with what you feel. Your feelings are a response to your thoughts; to your beliefs. If there is poison or toxicity in those thoughts or beliefs, then you will feel it; but your feelings are always an honest response to the deeper processes of perception.
There is no such thing as good emotions or bad emotions.  That is simply true ... good and bad are relative terms and are not the same for any two people.
Even if you feel anger or hate ... it comes from your integrity and your integrity rests in truth ... the fact is truth is trueeverywhere and always and it needs no support ... it just is.
Remember this ... if you feel it ... there is always a good reason for feeling it. Feelings are not necessarily an accurate portrayal of my surroundings or who I am but they will be an accurate portrayal of how I perceive my surroundings and how I perceive myself in my surroundings.

Adapted from the work of Don Miguel Ruiz
The Voice of Knowledge

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