Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Fact Of Life That Few People Really Understand

The only way to transform, to make the changes you say you want to make is to come to terms with what you believe about yourself. Then once you come to terms with what you believe the next step is to unlearn what you have learned. Understanding your experience in life may not have been aligned with The Truth of Life initially but appreciating, It Was What Happened is a necessary first step.
The concept is very simple. But at the same time very hard to do. After all, you depend on what you have learned about yourself from the world around you. That much is true, the problem with this whole thing is: not a lot of all this experience that happened was based in truth.
As you go through the process of unlearning ... things begin to happen ... things change. Your faith returns to you, that is, you have the ability to put it to use in the rituals of your dailyness ... this is not about Church and God, it is solely about perception ... actually about how I am looking and not necessarily what I am seeing.
Faith is a tool not an occupation nor vocation.
The same is true for your sense of self. As this grows your sense power increases. You are able to meet your own needs more readily... The Dependency On False Beliefs Diminishes Over Time.
As you recover the energy you have invested in false beliefs and their related systems and in defense strategies that once were a Godsend but now are debilitating ... you can invest that energy forward in your life and into your creativity ... you can become a co creator with the Creator.      

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