Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Wound Is Part Of The Curriculum

The Wound Is Part And Parcel Of The Curriculum ... Spiritual Curriculum

Four Ways The Soul speaks to us about what we are meant to do with our lives:

I get up every morning determined both to change the world and have one hell of a good time doing so. I have found that sometimes all this planning on how I should spend my day can make my day difficult.

We all leave childhood with wounds ... that is a truth ... In time we may transform these wounds from liabilities into assets. Those injuries suffered early on invite each of us to enter into the most human of experiences and vocations: to heal ourselves and others that we touch.

Signals From My Soul that can act as a guide as I make my way through this life...

• Being Bliss(ed): What brings me to alive ... What bliss’s me out... fascinates me ... excites me and or gives me energy ... makes me feel alive???

• Being Blessed: Who has blessed me ... who has told me I did something right ... something good ... who has believed in me ... supported me at the most critical time in my life ... my most difficult moments...???

• Being Pissed: Who/What pisses me off ... Righteous indignation ... What do I think needs to be changed or improved in this world ... What injustices need to be righted???

• Being Diss(ed)/Wounded: Who/What has wounded me ... what things still affect me to this day ... Where and when have I been disrespected or seen someone else treated badly and I was powerless to act ... what have I become sensitive to ...???

The difference between a wound that festers and diminishes us and one that leads to growth is whether or not we use the wound to energize us to change something in the world and make a contribution. We use the process of the healing to lead us someplace new in our psyche.

Do we sit by the side of the road and simply watch as life goes by?

We have choice!

It is a fact that if we withdraw due to the wound or shrink from engaging with the world or others then the wound cannot lead us to healing ourselves or the world. The wound is part and parcel of the curriculum ... It Is Part of The Curriculum For Life.

There are things, situations, people that energize me, bring me to alive, makes my heart sing. What they are for you?

• I am righteously upset about this situation or that circumstance in my life:

• I think I could contribute to changing this situation or that condition by doing:

• I have identified my wound(s) as:

• Because of my wounds and how I work at healing them, I have made the following contributions to my life:

• Who has told you that you were gifted ... that you mattered?

• Who has given you unconditional messages of love and support ... encouragement?

• Who mentor (s) (ed) you?

• Out of all these blessings and opportunities mentioned above, what path could you follow and what path have you followed?

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  1. Yeah I've been pissed with injustice(s) before causing extreme humiliation by a group or people (a gang?). Righting a wrong in this particular case may be the wrong one to right.