Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Shift In Perception

The Miracle
The Shift In Perception

The Miracle is the shift in perception … that is the healing … simply shifting our way of thinking from this to that.

That shift may or may not cause other things to happen in your life, and for me many did happen as a result … but what I learned on my journey was the outcome is not the exercise. The miracle comes in the simple shift of focus , and the rest is simply how things will work out; First Comes The Shift Of How I Think, And Then The Process Of Change As It Reverberates Through The Universe.

Sometimes my cancer passes and sometimes I can die peacefully, but my point of view shifts; that’s all and I see that everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be. I borrow and adapt from Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book:

Acceptance is the key to my relationship with God today.

I have discovered in my journey that it is not in my best interest to just sit there and wait for God to unfold the universe before me.

What I have found is that I need to be doing something that I have come to know is constructive for me, and I need to do that in His world not just in my head. I need to do that for both others and me.

Then have the faith that the outcomes of my endeavors will be the outcomes He wants.

So, however life turns out, that is God’s will for me … me being proactive with my creator and creation.

I have come to learn that it is a must that I keep my ego’s thought processes off my expectations … of what I think life should be for me and for others. Why? Because my peace of mind is directly proportional to my level of acceptance of me and my circumstances … as they are, not how I want them to be.

“When I remember this, I can see I've never had it so good.”

Page 415 in first edition and page 455 in second edition of ACIM Chapter 21 paragraphs 1 and 2 adapted from AA’s Big Book

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