Tuesday, June 7, 2011

135 On Healing Monsters Real and Imagined

EXPERIENCE has taught us that if we are to heal or have any hope of healing, we have to come to terms with the concept that life is not what we thought it was. 

Most of us developed opinions early on in life about how we thought life was supposed to be, and we spent the balance of our lives fitting whatever it was that came along in our life’s experience into our original version of Life 101. 

An early opinion cast in bronze and destined never to change.

Well, that’s the job that lies ahead of us, if we are to change, to break out of our old opinions that were cast in bronze. To look into ourselves, to find the hurt, to find the pain, and to gently allow the past to pass, to recover our here and now and allow the pathway to our future to open. 

Release The Past In The Present And That Gives Us Back Our Future[1].

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[1] A Course In Miracles – adapted from 50 Principles -- Text

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