Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Peter Pan and Never, Never Land

On Seeing Clearly Perhaps for the First Time―The Fantasy and the Reality

EXPERIENCE has taught us that deep inside each of us are parts of us that want everything right now and a place for it to hide—something like Peter Pan and Never, Never Land
In combination, this place in us, and those parts of us are very insatiable and very demanding. Some call it the inner child, but I have to wonder at that.  I believe this to be a misnomer because it seems more complex than that.  I have come to believe that this is the soul wearing the cloak of the inner child, hiding from the world it has been born into.
I have discovered that I am a house divided against itself.
Part of me wants to say that I have let go of my past … those things that happened … those people who hurt me; my conundrum is … my identity comes from who I think I was and what it was that I believed happened to me … Sort of an Identity Crisis; damned if you do and damned if you don’t
As I search out this shady past from within me, I have discovered an interesting facility that I use often, sometimes on a daily basis, just to keep the pretense … of me being who it is that I think I am … going: I pick and choose my past experiences as if I had a choiceI choose the ones that enhance who it is that I think I would like to be … The inherit problem in this fantasy manipulation is … it still keeps me hooked to my past … Real or Imagined

… Hooked …
Powerful word when I apply it properly

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