Friday, November 9, 2012

Reflections on the Way of Things

Thanks Neil, I read that blog just a wee bit ago on facebook.  I was thinking of my own experience just last week and how today, I woke up with a feeling of creative energy bubbling under the surface.  I didn't have a chance to act on it because I had to run off to work.  Yet even on the way to work I could still feel it,in  the way the sun was shining and the leaves where floating in the air, it was magical, I just wanted to stop and feel it but I had to keep moving.  So off I went...chop wood, carry water... now after reading this I realize it's much more than seizing a moment, it's seizing each opportunity as it comes. Thank you for this...I look forward to the next opportunity...and the next and the next....ain't life grand! 
Love you!


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