Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If God is Not Lost ...

It was some time ago now, but one Sunday morning I sat bolt upright in bed, it was the 28th of March 2000, it was a sleep-in kind of a day … the title and the preface was there simply starring back at me, so there I sat in my house coat very busily writing out these thoughts as the sprang to mind. This is one of the writing project that if I get the time I will expand it.
First and most profound …
If God’s not lost then why am I out looking for Him???
That one set me back on my heals … I mean … wow … what preponderance. There are several corollaries to this and they are as follows:
First … it also struck me that most of us are so busy trying to find our mythical centers. We miss the fact that we are on a pendulum like journey through both time and space. This journey causes us to pass through our centers only from time to time. Now that was important because it follows that most of the time … we are actually some place other than our centers.  That is the way of things … a necessary definition of the journey. The term from time to time is only a point of reference; it is not a condition of existence.
So most of the time is not one of those occasions or places when we are there at our centers; so it follows that if we are in fact on the journey that we think we are then we are not supposed to be at our idealized centers most of the time. If we were supposed to be there then it follows that our maker in all his or her wisdom would have placed us there … but He didn’t and here we are roaming through the universe in search of something that is not lostIs it possible that we are just ignorant of the both the journey and the destination.
Second … now that does not mean our center is unavailable to us, it simply means that we are not there in it at this moment. This is an important concept … Most feel or think that being at the center is the ideal … the thing that needs to happen for bliss and spiritual fulfillment to come our way … but what if that is a false myth of enormous proportions.
Third …What also struck me was that I could with very little effort communicate with my center by simply applying the Steven Spielberg concept of “ET phone home”. Just how you phone home is your particular conundrum, but my suggestion is, keep it simple.
Fourth ... Skiing, tennis, sex and skydiving are all richer ways to reach your center … where as prayer … meditation … or journaling are the simpler … my suggestion is to facilitate the basic idea of Keep It Simple … but I have jumped from perfectly good airplanes and survived to tell the tale.
How you do this connecting up stuff is your problem.
It really matters not.
Simply doing it, how is not so important as just get on with doing it ... by writing, thinking, wondering, risk taking, meditating, running or being in service and the list is endless. It is not what you are doing it is why ... that is all that is important.

You don’t have to agree or even like those four thoughts, just work it to the best of your ability on any given day, then leave them go. That is the only rule. Give it some of your conscious mind’s time each day … that is all … then give it the space to go to work for you on its own ... on the deeper side of things ... in a place where your ego does not have access
Myself, I like writing, but that’s me.
I journal and journal and journal and that process gives me a sense of soulful satisfaction that really gives me that sense of connectedness to all that is …
The particular thought that got me going on this tangent was:
Change - real change - comes from the inside out. It does not come from hacking at the leaves of our attitudes and our behaviors with quick fix personality techniques. It comes from striking at the heart - the fabric of our thought, our fundamental, essential belief structures, which give definition to our character and create the lens through which we see the world. It becomes important for us to support within ourselves what we want to become, and we can do so by our interacting with others and formally supporting in them what they want to become

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