Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thoughts on 9/11

We are at a place of conjunction of spirit and an anniversary point of fate, reason and lack of understanding.

Sept 11th is one decade since our world became lost in the egocentric desires of philosophies that are diametrically opposed.

Here is the problem ... Everyone works for God ... but most have no spiritual connection. Most are of the opinion that they are deeply spiritually connected and their form of spiritual connection is all there is.

Now it follows that: if I don’t have a way to talk about my deep seated emptiness ... then I will act it out in some form ... I will act it out ... I will act it in ... or ... I will transfer my pain and what I believe are its causes onto something or someone else and then attack them for it; hence the crusades, Hitler’s Germany and every other bit of silliness that was acted out in the name of God by men who had ulterior motives hedged in grandiosity.

If only we could see what we are really up against ... rather then what it appears to be ... God is not a Muslim, nor a Catholic and the list goes on and on ... God is not anyone of them, but all of them are an extension of God.

There is not one of us who are more special than anyone else.

The actual evidence of me being special in God’s eye is that I am here having this experience in the first place.

If only we could settle with this thought as being truth, just image how the world would change.

Neil Tubb Victoria 2011

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