Tuesday, September 27, 2011

from The Door

Five Simple Tools

Guided Imagery ... is a way of understanding and employing the language of the unconscious mind ... Thus it follows that it can help reprogram the deeper mind for more effective living and can help us better understand its output the moment illumination comes forward.

Affirmations ... a closely related tool to guided imagery ... Affirmations is a way of reprogramming the unconscious Idea and Image processor ... how we see things ... through mental and verbal repetition of the ideas and images we want our minds to accept as input.

Relaxation/Meditation ... is a feature designed to induce what medical science calls the relaxation response. This is the incubation period... a time where the non conscious mind works a problem in its own way.

Dream Work ... takes us right into the heart of the deeper mind’s processer ... the deep consciousness ...”and shows us how to mine for and bring back the nuggets of wisdom we find there ... Start A Dream Journal .

“Self, I have a problem, Dream, here let me show you ”

Journaling ... gives us the opportunity to express the deeper mind at the conscious level on a daily basis ... It allows me to see me eventually... “With Eyes Unclouded By Longing ”.

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