Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Can I Do Differently To Make My Life A Better Place To Be?

When an individual chooses independence over interdependence and relationship(s) that person becomes a danger or a threat to everyone around them. Especially to those who are within this individual’s range of affect.

Those that are close by ... within the range of affect ... will object at being manipulated or managed by the independent soul. Independence is a defensive posture one develops to protect them from a world they thought would destroy them. It is a given that Authority is the natural extrapolation of this independence posture and is just another way of saying Might Makes Right. Authority is the excuse used by those who think they are strong to control the weak. With the business of Interdependence comes the nature of Respect. They go hand in hand. It can’t work any other way. Interdependence cannot exist without Respect but Respect can exist without Interdependence: 1) Most of us Respect the system we all work within even if we all don’t acknowledge it. 2) In our system the value “of” the individual is weighed against the value “to” the system or better said, “what can he or she do ... what can they contribute” and not “who they are.” 3) Thus, many if not all of us, are in some way sacrificed in some form to the greater good of the system of all concerned. 4) When in fact it should be exactly the other way around.

This inversion/reversal of reality gives advantage to those who appear to be stronger and this is what lays behind every struggle humanity has had with itself since time began ... The Truth of the Matter is ... “Who I am,” is far more important than “what I can do ...” Hold on to that thought for a week or two ... repeat it to yourself several times a day ... pray about it if you like and if you are going to take the time to pray look for and expect an answer ... or meditate on it ... write about it ... Then notice just how you ... yourself ... are caught up in this inner subterfuge ... either as a willing or unwilling participant ... Here is the question you ask yourself and the universe.

What Can I Do Differently To Make My Life A Better Place To Be? A Place Where I am No Longer Slave To A System I Never Created But I Have Enabled?

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