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The Metaphor A Workshop

Course Description

Cost $365/weekend Friday 7pm/9pm Saturday/9:30 am/4:30pm Sunday 10:00am/4:oo pm Visa/Master Card/American Express/ Bank Cards are accepted ... contact for further details

There is a truth that needs to be understood for life to be seen as it was intended to be seen. All life is sacred. All life is God’s Gift. One of the basic natural consequences of this simple truth is: we are all sacred too ... Most of us have to learn this. It is God’s Gift that we are sacred, but it is not God’s Gift that we know this for ourselves. The journey of spiritual awareness is the passage from immature to mature for the soul and it is in this process where we come to understand that God’s Gift is a fact for us.

On Being Who We Were Meant To Be.

That is life’s task.

We all have the stories of our past, and they can help guide us on our journey. There is far more to be learned in those stories than what we might have expected.

We all have a curriculum to follow. It is an independent, individual curriculum. It is a curriculum for the soul not the personality. The personality is the curriculum and it is tailored perfectly to your soul’s need.

We medicate ourselves, we do processes, and we hope that they will keep us connected to the Way of Things. These processes don’t awaken us, but what they can do is help us be awake and safe (to a certain degree) so we can get on with the spiritual journey when we are ready.

For the deeper agendas to awaken the maturation process, we need to tell our stories over and over again ... and at the same time find different ways of looking at what happened to us.

The Concept of: I am the Diamond. In the telling of the tale sometimes over and over again, the deeper message(s) can slowly seep to the surface. The Concept of: I am the Diamond ... I have hundreds if not thousands of facets, ways to see out into my world and I choose to use but a few. And those few that I do use are chosen by me as a direct result of and limited by my early life experience(s).

Primary Focus on the Weekend:

The Concept Of: I Am The Diamond: How I see and hear ... then ... How I can see and hear differently. It is in the telling of the tale that the deeper messages “can” (will) slowly seep to the surface. I used the word “can” seep to the surface carefully. And if the process of “seeping to the surface” is encouraged properly ... then ... it always responds. This stuff does not want to be trapped in us. The truth of the matter is we just don’t know how to let it go.

What I Need To Do To Stay Hooked Up To The Universe ... The One I Was Born Into ... Not Necessarily The One I Imagine ... See life for what it is ... not how I pretend it is. Then taking time to be with my maker. Then realizing that if I am spending time with my maker, that I can actually ask questions of my maker and here is the interesting point, I can expect answers. They might not come from where I expect them to, or they may not be what I want to hear, but I will get answers.

Learning How To Use The Most Immediate/Simple Tools for self-discovery and growth: meditation, journaling, storytelling, dialoguing, using focused listening; this workshop offers fresh perspective on the Art of Living. It provides easily learned but necessary insights into how we can get on with the business of the spiritual journey and at the same time have the life we were meant to have and not get lost in the process.

Understanding the first tenant of Buddhism: “Life is Difficult”, does not have to be a restrictive factor for me having a loving life. Learning how to access my sense of inner strength and then applying that forward into my day to day-ness and into my creativity. This is not about what I can get out of life this is about what I can give. The getting will happen all by itself.

Understanding That Life Does Not Necessarily Work The Way I Think It Should ... Always ... and how I can use my experience(s) as a guide. Learning that I can augment my ability with my primary insights and to be able to combine who I am with what I doing in the world and again, not get lost.

Learning How To Pass It On ... Knowing when my experience, strength and hope will benefit others. And more importantly learning when it won’t.

Learning Where My Personal Pitfalls Are: and what to do with them if I fall in.

The Essence Of The Change And Spiritual Journey Of Awakening Is The Absolute Necessity Of Seeing What It Is That I Have Been Blind To For Most Of My Life.

Tools of the Trade and Reference Points for the Weekend: See Other Published Material.

This weekend retreat/workshop is based on life’s work of Neil Douglas-Tubb:
Condensed for the purpose into:
The Metaphor:
A Poem on Life.

The Facilitator

Neil is the recent recipient of the Louis Volks Humanitarian Award for his work in South Africa.

Neil is in private practice as a Registered Clinical Counselor (0396) in Victoria British Columbia.

He is an active member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counselors, and he has sat on the Standards and Ethics Committee.

In the early days before Neil was into any of this “stuff” he was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Security Service. He worked in Counter Espionage during what was considered the height of the cold war. He stepped out of that world just over three decades ago and into this world to search out his own past and his own ghosts and to dust off his own future.

Michael Poole, documentary film director/maker and author, in his book Romancing Mary Jane: A Year In The Life Of A Failed Marijuana Grower described Neil as a “rumpled old sage of a guy who has experience with what he does.” see pages 137/142

Neil says that he is not exactly sure what Michael meant, but it sounded good at the time. Neil’s best description of himself is: A man who works with spirit and the awakening process … he says he provides the opportunity for those who choose, to see themselves differently.

Neil is a widower, a father, a grandfather, a photographer /artist, a divorcee, a therapist, a writer, a humanitarian and world traveler and a man who has had to open his own doors to his own issues. Then do something about them. He speaks from experience.

He was born in St. Thomas Ontario in 1947.

Neil taught at and was Associate Director of Student Services at Twin Valley's School in 1979/1980 (TVS), Wardsville, Ontario (Alternative to the penal system for young offenders ... TVS was loosely connected to Findhorn in Scotland.)

Neil, in 1982/83, along with a number of other people, was a co-founder of Barnabas Center (Counseling services for street youth) in Edmonton, Alberta.

Neil is in private practice as a Registered Clinical Counselor (0396) in the Province of British Columbia since 1988.

In the fall of 2006 Neil was inducted as a Honorary Member of The Golden Key International Honor Society via the University of Victoria for his work within the community and his humanitarian work in South Africa.

Neil received in 2010, the Louis Volks Humanitarian Award from the Lions Club of Tableview; the highest award the Lions Club of South Africa awards, for his work and support of the Lions Club projects in Jo Slovo and Vissershok districts of the Western Cape in South Africa.

Neil is published and has authored, co-facilitated and facilitated a number of different workshops and seminars on spiritual development and life 101.

His passion has turned to writing. All, save one theme, are variations on the theme of healing. That one lone theme Neil is developing is turning into a trilogy of fiction … the great Canadian spy story and the first of three is called “Sharbot … A Spy Story”.

Other Published Material

Experience Has Taught Us --- 175 Missing Pieces: An Explorer’s Guide to Developing A Handbook on Life —Book One

Experience Has Taught Us --- Searching for the Willingness to Change

Zen and the Art of Lost and Found --- A workbook

Zen and the Art of Walking Lightly --- A workbook

Zen and the Art of Seeing Clearly, Perhaps for the First Time --- A workbook

Zen and the Art of the Five Principles of the Journey – A workbook

A Step Four and Five Guide

Publication Pending:

Into the Light: Healing from the Human Condition ...

The Door --- A Workshop on Inner Self Discovery

Understanding Me While Being We ... A workshop/couples/work situations/team building

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