Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Surrendering begins by asking the Higher Power what we can do in our lives to help bring love, joining, harmony and joy back into our world.

Each time that we accept the love God has for us; each time that we give our love to others and put a smile on another person's face, it is then that we have taken a giant step forward toward healing ourselves and healing a world suffering from lack of love.

When we are surrendering, that is when we truly are listening. We may find answers on the lips of those who are closest to us at the moment. The answer doesn't always come from the fabled “inner voice”. Often it comes from those around us, a child, a friend, who is just gently speaking his or her mind, and out slips a simple truth.

It happens to me over and over again ... not when “they” are focusing on the “answer” ... but just when they are busy not thinking about solutions. Just letting you know how they feel and see things. You see it all fits, if we give it a chance.

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