Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On Seeing Clearly Simple Truths

On Seeing Clearly  Simple Truths  
EXPERIENCE has taught us that if we have released our pain and faced our fears, searched out and exorcised our demons, then it is important that we know enough to let them go … leave them alone after thatDon’t go back and play with them.  They are not entrails to be gone through, they are not a part of our identity, they are not who we are, they are simply manifestations of what happened to us.
So many of us treat this process as if it were once dirty laundry but now is clean, so we go out and gather it all back up, thinking we’ve found some lost possessions that need to come home. 
They are not.  They are simply the by-products of what happened. They're history let them go.
They are to be left at the side of the road for our Higher Power to pick up and use or discard as It pleases.

So here I sit, still exhausted but clearer of mind[1].
I have decided deep within me that I am ready. 
I have decided is the key phrase. 
I am ready to let go of all this stuff, all this mess. 
I close my eyes and I pray, probably for the first time in my life, I sincerely pray to my Higher Power and simply ask,  “Take all this from me.” 
I sense the presence of that Voice again.  It is here with me now, beside me and silent.  I can feel it, I can’t hear it, I can just feel its presence. 
Then I hear.
You have no burden to remove.  I did not error in your creation.  You are perfect, as are all my creations.  You are made in my image. I, as your maker, see only that, you are perfect in my creation, which is all there is to see for either you or me.
So I instruct you: You made your burden; you set it down; now, walk away from it. 
Simply leave “ It All” by the side of the path.  I will come in my own good time pick it up and put it to its proper use elsewhere in My Creation.  Simply go and leave it there for Me to pick up … whenever … later.
For the first time ever in my life I know absolutely that I am not alone. 
Others have stopped and they take me by my hand and we walk together toward our future. 
The future Our Creator intended for us to have.

Experience Has Taught Me That
I Am No Longer At Odds With Everything . . . I Am Free
I Am Free To Be as God Created Me

[1] Extracted from The Metaphor … a poetic rendering of the Seventh Step

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