Wednesday, January 23, 2013

There Is A Way

Coming to understand that there are no quick fixes ... no instant pain free recovery practices ... is something that needs to be learned.  Growth is a learned process.  It takes time and time has to be spread over experience to be effective.
It is a fact that has to be dealt with on a face to face basis ... ego against truth ... and accepted for what it is ... not how I want it to be. That simple truth holds the key to understanding the ground work that I will have to cover to make my recovery opportunity work for me.
At the heart of the process is the need to learn how to become a part of as well as an expression of ... a sense of spiritual. This sense of spiritual is something that is locked up inside each of us ... it’s there ... we have to learn how to find it and operate it. As we recover we will come to both know and experience this.
Creativity (and its expression) needs to be articulated out into the universe ... the universe is defined as that space that surrounds you.
You, becoming creative with the Creator. Whatever that means to you ... It is a process where you have decided to link up and share what and how you are with the universe you are immersed in.
No matter how you would like to frame the Creator ... recovery is about becoming a Co Creator with the Creator. 

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