Friday, October 14, 2011

Noticing, Simplicity and Truth

What you will see on the next four or five pages are observations made on the principles of Noticing, Simplicity and Truth.

I would like you in your groups to read it, first to yourself and then aloud within your groups.

Take your time.

Then before you discuss it amongst yourselves get your thoughts down on paper . . .

Write about it …

Then Discuss It Within The Confines Of Your Various Groups …

Then we will have all the groups discuss and share.

On Seeing Simple Truths

EXPERIENCE has taught us that this path of looking more closely at ourselves, although certainly not easy, is truly the only route by which we can at last leave behind the cruel invisible prison walls created in our childhood exploration of our humanity.

We become free by transforming ourselves from unaware victims of the past into responsible, responsive individuals in the present. People who are aware of their past have processed and accepted it for what it is, and are thus able to live with it.

The irony is that most people do exactly the opposite, even those who profess most loudly that they are on the path. Without realizing that the unprocessed past is constantly determining their present actions, most people avoid learning anything meaningful about their history. They continue to live their lives in the state of their repressed childhood roles, ignoring the fact that these situations no longer exist, except in the mind of the beholder. They continue to live with the old and repressed assumptions; they continue the posture of fearing fears and avoiding dangers that, once real, have not been real for a long, long time.

Psychic shadow boxing

Fighting a fight I can neither win nor protect myself from. Why? Because that was then and this is now and it is not here now.

We now know that people are driven by these unconscious memories, repressed feelings, and unfulfilled needs, and this state of affairs determines nearly everything they do or are willing to attempt to do or fail to do.

Life is something that happens while I’m busy doing something else.

Statement of Truth

A truth once gained is the loss of innocence.

The processes of self-inflicted denial and delusion are like old, warm, woolly sweaters that we wore to protect us from the cold, harsh, hostile world we live in. When the truth is revealed for what it really is, those old familiar sweaters can never go back on over our souls and fit properly as they once did.

The innocence of our childlike ignorance is lost the moment we come to understand that we do not rule the universe or any of its inhabitants, no matter how hard we might try.

Much of the human condition of suffering hangs on seeing or not seeing this simple truth; for suffering is a state of mind, not a condition of existence.

To begin a soul-searching journey is to begin to take our rightful place in this universe. There are requirements, one of which is that we must come to terms with this simple truth or forever be bonded to a hell of our own making.

Freedom from the bonds of our past is freedom from the bonds of our own way of thinking. Thus, freedom from the prison of our own minds is freedom from the process of resistance, from a demon called against.

The walls of the prison of our own minds and all the processes contained therein are always made up of us against something.

Our very survival seems to be at stake.

This process is always filled with resistance and deep-seated fear.


Experience Has Taught Me

That as I give over my need to be against, my need to hide, then I will naturally merge with all that is 

The Way of Things.

Observations about People with bumped and bruised Souls

1) We have to guess at what is normal.

2) We have difficulty following through with projects.

3) We lie when it would be just as easy to tell the truth.

4) We judge ourselves without mercy.

5) We have difficulty having fun.

6) We take ourselves very seriously.

7) We have difficulty with intimate relationships.

8) We over react to situations over which we have no control.

9) We constantly seek approval

10) We are either super responsible or super irresponsible and or swing back and forth between those polarities.

11) We feel that we are different from other people.

12) We are extremely loyal in the face of overwhelming evidence that we should not be.

13) We are impulsive and as such we tend to get ourselves locked into situations or circumstances or courses of action without giving due and proper consideration to the outcome or the possible consequences. This impulsivity leads to confusion, self-loathing and a loss of control over the environment. As a result Bumped and Bruised people often spend excessive amounts of time cleaning up messes they get themselves into.

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  1. This list describes almost everyone I know. Does this mean that everyone is damaged or that everyone I attract is damaged? I guess that is probably some of both although I am finding that while I am still very fond of some of the damaged people around me, I no longer want the drama that comes with hanging out with them.